It is sad to hear that some people still won’t consider adopting a Rottweiler. For some reason, they seem to still have a bad reputation among pet owners. Most of what people think or hear about Rottweilers is completely untrue. Just because they are large, powerful canines, doesn’t mean they should have a misleading rep. Here are some common misconceptions about Rottweilers and the truth behind them.

Tend to Be Aggressive > One of the first myths we’ll address is the notion that Rottweilers are aggressive. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that this breed of dog is aggressive, yet some people think otherwise. If you’ve ever been around Rottweiler puppies and seen them grow to mature adults, you’ll know they are just as playful and caring all through their lives. Rottweilers are fairly big in stature; they are also muscular and athletic. For this reason, they are sometimes ill-treated and exploited by criminals. They encourage the wrong breeding practices and use inappropriate training methods. Because of this, people tend to think they are an aggressive breed.

It is their physique that often scares people, but deep down they are caring, playful and affectionate if properly trained and well taken care of.

Difficult to Train > For some unknown reason, many people think that Rottweilers are difficult to train. You’ll find the opposite to be true, they are intelligent, bright animals that are amazing when properly trained. You’ll find them acting as service dogs in some countries, supporting the police and army on important missions. If you introduce guard dog training at a young age, you’ll have a great family pet that is ready to follow orders and protect the family at all times.

Dangerous Around Children > The main reason why kids get hurt around dogs is because they weren’t being properly supervised. Young kids or children of any age shouldn’t be left alone with powerful dogs they aren’t familiar with. All dogs can attack children, no matter what breed you are dealing with. Some breeds have bad reputations, that’s why the media jump on stories involving big dogs to sell their stories. If a dog is well-trained and the child knows how to treat them properly, you won’t have any problems. A Rottweiler is no different to a Chihuahua, a German shepherd or a Beagle.

They Sometimes Turn on Their Owners > This is another myth that is completely false. There is zero evidence to suggest that Rottweilers turn on their owners. Any kind of dog may turn on its owner if it is being mistreated. There is no reason to believe they’d do anything to their owners, in fact, they are incredibly protective of their family.

Every dog is different, a Rottweiler shouldn’t be judged on what you read or see from the media. If you really want to know more about Rottweilers, speak to a professional dog trainer or people who have them as pets. They’ll all tell you that they are loveable, gentle animals that have a bad reputation that is unjust and unfair.