If a user wants to search for a thing they want to buy, they do it on a search engine, most probably Google. He would either type the name of the online store, or the commodity along with the store, or a location. They wouldn’t search directly for the thing they want to buy because it won’t give away the results they are looking for. So, when creating a domain name, consider what your clients may type into the search engine. If your domain name has words or keywords, you would appear on the top of SERPs and more likely to get leads.


Apart from the www., every domain Singapore has two parts, the text before the dot which is the primary part of the domain name, followed by the extension. The extension is both good and bad for you. it is good because it increases the odds of keeping your original name but it also has a risk that people would use .com as the extension if you have .net as yours. This could be an issue because the former may belong to your competitor. So, take into factors all your options when choosing extensions and ensure to specify the complete domain name, even if you don’t have .com.